Six month clean and polish.

Today was a perfect day to get the van clean. It’s been sitting idle for a couple of months and I like to polish it up to protect it from the sun before summer.

Matilda, my wife and I spent about 5 hours cleaning and polishing the whole van.  Grace had the best luck and spent the day in Geelong with her friend at the Adventure Park.

Matilda made the observation that “it’s hard to do Daddy’s jobs”.  I couldn’t agree more on a task such as this but at the end of the day the van looked like new.

We have two trips planned in the next three weeks.  We are heading up to the Ballarat Beer Festival and for the Australia Day weekend we’ll be heading to Warnambool.  I remember family holidays at Warnambool when I was a kid.


Even the roof was scrubbed.  It doesn’t get seen often and was quite dirty.


Matilda taking a break to have some fairy bread.  Apparently it makes you work better.

Taking a lunch break.
Taking a lunch break.

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