Expander Pegs Review.

“I’m excited” was the catch cry of Big Kev and I’m going to echo his cry with this product.

I like to change and improve things often but I always do a great deal of research into the things I purchase. I like to simplify my life where possible and make things comfortable.

Last year I stumbled across this product. The simplicity of the design and the HUGE improvement to the original had me wondering why hadn’t this been thought of before.

[Expander Pegs.](http://expanderpegs.com/)

They have two legs that you put your rope between and squeeze together. Then you drive them into the ground like a (sub)standard peg.

The great part is they can’t spin out. They grab the ground and don’t pull out. They just do the job a peg is supposed to do.

I have replaced every peg we own with these and the best part is they are not expensive.

If you want to never worry about a peg coming out again and you want to hold that awning down in big winds then do yourself a favour. Get your hands on these. You’ll never regret it.

They come in three different sizes, 25mm, 30mm, 35mm.

Check out the expander pegs website for places you can buy them.

Get yourself well grounded and relax on your next trip not needing to hammer pegs in all weekend.


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