Shepparton Vic, to Griffith NSW.

Last night after finishing work we hooked up the van and headed North to Shepparton. Our plan was to get clear of the city early.

We caught up with our friends who are traveling along with us and left Saturday morning with Griffith NSW as our destination for today.

A crisp and fresh morning greeted us when we woke which turned into the perfect driving weather.

We are traveling along the Kidman way for a good part of the trip.

With a stop along the way at Jerildierie NSW, for lunch, we spent about an hour or so here at a very busy park that seemed to be the place for travelers to stop at. There is a lot of history here with the highlight being Ned Kelly. We’ll spend a night here on our return so will take more time to see just what he did here.

A very different windmill greeted us in the park. It’s called “Steel Wings”. It’s fan sits in the middle of the tower.

We then headed off to complete todays drive and finished up at Griffith, NSW.


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