Cobar, NSW to Bourke, NSW

A large part of our travels through NSW has been along the Kidman way. It is named after Sir Sidney Kidman, Australian cattle king who owned a large number of cattle stations along the path, many still owned by his descendants.

We arrived in Bourke, NSW around lunch yesterday after spending a night at Cobar, NSW. Cobar is an interesting little town with a mining history that continues still today. We took a small trip out to one of the mines and were lucky enough to see a couple of large mining truck take the long journey down the winding road into the dark mine entrance.

The trip from Cobar to Bourke is probably the shortest day of traveling we will have in this journey. It is only 160kms and was dotted with hordes of feral goats. The owner of the caravan park at Cobar told us that they are considered a pest and there is a culling program on to rid the area of these goats as they destroy everything. The meat has a big market in the Muslim community but the hides are not used much. Could be an industry in goat coats if anyone is interested.

As we pulled into the Kidman camp caravan park at Bourke we noticed a sign announcing a night of bush tucker and bush poetry. We decided to book in and I’m glad we did. Over 100 people sat around the many campfires is listening to “the bard of Bourke”, Andrew Hull. Their website says, “You haven’t experienced Bourke until you’ve relaxed beneath a Coolabah Tree under the starlit sky, with a campfire of Gidgee coals, sharing a meal and some great Australian poetry” and I’d have to agree. It was a fantastic night and the food was amazing. If your in town check it out.

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