Warburton’s Bridge

Warburton’s Bridge just out of Castlemaine in Victoria is fast becoming our quick trip away from home, free camping destination.

It’s just over an hour from home and we can get there two ways one being basically freeway (Calder Freeway) all the way.  It’s a great spot (I shouldn’t be telling you this) that is well setup with great firepits and even a brand new drop toilet.

Its close to Daylesford and Castlemaine if you need supplies and is a very relaxing spot along the Loddon River.  The camping area is in a gully with tall gums all round.

Just last weekend we went away with some friends for a couple of nights and had a ball. Sometimes free camping with great people is all you need.


One thought on “Warburton’s Bridge”

  1. I was born in Castlemaine in 1961, I lived in this camping ground, well was a chicken farm back then. the last time I visited, the house and all the buildings were gone, that was in the early 80’s, they were there on a previous visit in the 70’s.


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