Expander Peg Competition.

Today we are announcing our first ever competition. You have the chance to score for yourself a 6 piece set of expander pegs. 1362868733.jpg We are going to give away a set of these to five lucky followers of our blog.

The pack consists of two of each size that the expander pegs come in – 2 x 25cm, 2 x 30cm and 2 x 35cm. Expander Pegs Perfect for pegging down each end of your caravan awning.  You will have three different sizes to use dependent on soil type of weather conditions.

25 cm Expander Peg – Ideal for Small to Medium Tents in firm substrates

30 cm Expander Peg – Suitable for Medium to Large Tents in Firm Substrates or Small to Medium in Loose Substrates ( Sand, Silt etc.. )

35 cm Expander Peg – Ideal for Medium to Large Tents in Loose substrates ( Sand, Silt etc.. ) Maximum Depth Penetration

When you get a set of these expander pegs you will never need to be concerned again about pegs coming out of the ground when the wind picks up. We’ve been using these pegs for awhile now and in fact we replaced all our old pegs with the expander pegs.

I’ve never needed to pack up our awning in strong winds since as the pegs just don’t move.  They stay in the ground every time.

You can see the review I did awhile ago about these pegs.

All you need to do is be following our blog and add your details below by the 15th December so we can get them out to you by Christmas.

Don’t forget you must also be following our blog to be included in the random draw. There is a button at the top right hand side of our HOME page to follow us.

We wont use your details for anything but to contact you if you win and send out your prize.

Expander pegs have donated the pegs for this competition.  We love their product and are more than happy to spread the word.


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