Spurred into action

It’s been a bit of time since we last posted.  Not because we haven’t travelled but we haven’t done a big trip.   We are in that time of life where kids are at school and every school holiday is taken up by one of us working and the other is doing the school holiday thing.   We try to do a trip once a year but it depends how much leave is up our sleeves around September.  Most trips are a day or two unfortunately.

This year we had the chance and just recently we returned from a trip to the Flinders ranges.  It was very wet and a completely different sight to see compared to when it’s dry.  So we were spurred to take a trip and I was spurred into action this morning when Miriam from the Out an’ About blog posted a comment on our blog.

So without further hesitation here is our trip.  Put the kettle on and settle in for our latest adventure.  It’s 22 minutes long so enjoy.

The Big Wet.  Flinders Ranges – 2016

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