Tyredog TPMS review.

A friend* of ours was recently on a trip and had a situation where a blowout destroyed a tyre on his van. They were very lucky that it wasn’t much worse and that the van wasn’t damaged any more than it was. It made me think that a tyre monitoring system would be a good piece of insurance.

I have looked into these recently and the Tyredog system seems to be a well built unit. I picked up a Tyredog WTPMS TD1300A-X 4 sensor unit today and in no time at all had it installed on the vans tyres.

There are four sensors which are numbered so that you can put it on the correct tyre. They also have an anti theft ring. It will only keep the honest thieves away but it would take awhile to pinch them anyway. Not only do they monitor pressure but it also measures temperature. I imagine this would pick up on hot bearings. I like that.

Once the system was installed I was surprised at the difference in my tyre pressures. I was able to rectify this and make for a much safer trip. I highly recommend looking into these. It could save not only a damaged tyre but save a life if it avoids a collision.

* *thanks to Troy for permission to use his image.*


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